WPC Services

Woodpecker offers various kinds of packaging services enabling safe and easy move of domestic, regional and international cargo.

Explained below is a brief snapshot of our services and expertise for each segment;


We @ Woodpecker understand & provide unique solutions for all different types of crating requirements which also includes custom crating solutions.

Our crates are designed considering important factors such as cargo type, weight, dimensions, and fragility. Upon understanding these critical elements we design effective & efficient packaging solutions like custom corrugated box for lighter packaging or rugged wood crate and boxes etc.

We architect custom packaging, blocking and bracing within these wooden crates. These considerations ensure items arrive safe and damage free.
In a nutshell, we take careful consideration into the best packaging methods available for every cargo type.

Our crating experiences includes, but not limited to: Commercial Crates, Industrial Crates, ISPM-15 Export Certified Crates, Tradeshow Crates and IT Equipment Crates etc.


Corrugated Packaging:

Corrugated packing is a durable, versatile, and lightweight material, used for custom-manufactured packaging enabling secure transportation needs.


Custom Inner Packing:

It’s about the interior packaging with appropriate cushioning to ensure items are secure for shipping.

Inner packing is very crucial hence the key considerations are cargo type and its dimensions, weight, fragility and the mode of transport. These measures enable us to factor the needed cushion types such as polyurethane, polyether and polystyrene foams.


Wooden Cradle & Skids:

Wooden Cradle: Woodpecker has comprehensive expertise for all your wooden cradle requirements, be it for transportation or storage of pipes (coated or non-coated) or for any other cylindrical objects.

A cradle is U-shaped in design, built to support and contain the unique requirements of cylindrical objects. Two or more cradles are mounted to a skid, pallet or load base; the base may or may not be covered with a sheathed enclosure,

Skids & Pallets: We ensure that every skid or pallet is designed specifically for each customer requirements. A skid differs from a pallet which is generally higher and does not have additional cross members, stringers, as support beneath the runners.

Skids are used to support the load and assist with storage, handling and transportation. They are essentially constructed to abide a proper load by using appropriate support based and providing four-way entry for forklifts or two-way entry for a pallet trolley.


Container Lashing, Strapping and Dunnage:

Lashing and Strapping: Woodpecker is specialized to undertake all types of lashing and securing services. Our staffs are trained and skilled to handle these operations using certified lashing material. Safety is our prime focus for all operations; hence all our on ground staff adheres to basic HSE requirements.

Dunnage:  We consider usage of appropriate dunnage to secure loose freight during transportation (any mode). Dunnage can be used to keep product away from container walls, to separate products, as a void fill, to reduce shifting and to minimize abrasion.
In ocean shipping dunnage refers to packing, typically wood, used to support, block and brace cargo within a container in order to keep the cargo from moving (wood or plastic).

Our Dunnage expertise includes;

  • Strapping and securing of commercial cargo for ocean, air and road transportation.
  • Cargo lashing on standard 40’, 40’HC, Flat rack, Open top or break bulk shipments.

E.g.: Covering (plastic, polythene and tarpaulins) of open top and flat containers for ocean transportation in order to avoid weather exposure risk during transit.


ISPM15 Standard Heat Treatment:

We administer heat treatment with certification for all export or re-export cargo by air, road and sea (third party service).
International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 require all solid wood packing material to be heat treated and stamped with an official mark. ISPM 15 requirements apply to all wooden packaging.


On Site and off site packing:

On site packing: Our skilled staff visits the client site to measure and photograph the product(s) needing protection. Utilizing this information we create a design and produce packaging within our facility then return to client facility for final packing.
E.g.: Packaging and crating of the item(s) or freight at place of origin; such as a factory, plant, warehouse, office or third party facility.

Off Site packing:  The cargo is picked (as is) without packaging and transported to our warehouse where the preparation and packaging for transportation takes place.


Uniform packing and cushioning:

Woodpecker stands apart from the competition in our unique ability to offer specialized cushioning for each and every cargo type.
Inadequate or improper use of cushioning products can damage or destroy the product during normal transportation conditions. Cargo from various industries requires cushioning and appropriate packing of items to eliminate shipping hazards and complications.

Woodpecker’s commitment assures the best of our quality and services.


Wooden Pallets: 

We analyze your packaging requirements to determine your specific pallet needs. Whether it is standard or custom; new or used, we are able to supply the pallets and platforms ideally suited to your purpose as the pallet being the interface between the unit load (product and packaging) and the material handling equipment (forklift, palletize, etc.).


Vacuum Packing:

Woodpecker uses the vacuum packaging technique to remove the air from the packages prior to sealing. It is primarily used by the I.T., Oil & energy industries.


Catalog of our Product Specific Packing:

Server, Computer & IT Electronics Packaging, Crating:  Computers, telecom & electronics shipping including, IT equipment, server racks & office equipment

Business, Commercial & Industrial Packaging, Crating:
Commercial/industrial machinery items that are heavy, awkward & time sensitive

Asset Relocation Packaging, Crating:
Corporate office infrastructure relocation services within UAE

Medical Equipment Packaging, Crating:
Medical equipment shipping including lab equipment, test machines & measuring devices.